Yoga Anatomy

While there are several good yoga anatomy books available, this is the first I’ve seen that makes a fundamental shift, using anatomy as a tool to bring greater awareness and understanding into the practice of yoga. The book’s primary intention is to be an inspiration to explore and investigate our physical and subtle bodies through the yoga asanas and the breath. The introductory chapters provide a wonderful overview of how yogic concepts and philosophies are contained and revealed in the physical anatomy and structures of the body. The chapters on the Dynamics of Breathing and Yoga and the Spine contain many gems of insight and wisdom of the functions of and relationships between the breath, the body and the spine.

Simple yet well done illustrations by award-winning medical illustrator Sharon Ellis are engaging to view, easy to grasp and many include fascinating and remarkable perspectives. The book examines 65 common yoga poses in detail with multiple illustrations and great information on what is happening anatomically in the pose including physical obstacles, general notes and information on pose’s effect on the breath. While a good understanding of anatomical concepts would be helpful in reading this book, the information is clear and concise enough for the interested student or beginning yoga teacher to easily grasp.

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