Yoga and Multiple Sclerosis

Eric Small has been exploring the healing benefits of yoga for Multiple Sclerosis (MS) for the last 55 years. Along with Dr. Loren Fishman, who has incorporated yoga in his medical practice for more than twenty-five years, they have created an informative and highly respected book for the healing of MS with yoga. The book’s first section provides a series of yoga poses geared towards various levels of ability and function: restorative, wheelchair, chair, seated and floor. The modifications described here can also be easily applied for other types of students with limited mobility.The second section gives specific poses to improve common symptoms and side effects of MS: fatigue, range of motion, spasticity, strength, balance and coordination. A variety of modifications are given for each asana listed here, and again these posture prescriptions can be applied to other types of students. The book’s extensive photography clearly illustrate all the poses and their given modifications. This book is both a highly valuable contribution to the field of yoga therapy and an inspiration to the healing power of yoga.

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  1. Recently, indeed very recently, when I have had access to the internet, I tried to connect to a Yoga site.But I was not as successful as today. I have been to a workshop that sentisizes the healing power of Massage Therapy. I was able to reflect my expiriences.

    And now I accidentally dicovered the thing I have been looking for for the last 5 or 6 years.
    I have had an acute lower back pain. I went to several public and private hospitals and talked to top neurosurgions. They said I had to be operated but it was damned costy- I couldn’t afford. But they said I would loose my legs.

    Intutively, I bought a massage and Yoga mannuals and settled at home. I practised the Yogas and the massages.
    Guess what? I’m quite alright. But i always worry that my ultimate dstiny would be a wheelchir. When I think about it I feel quite helpless.At the same time I know that if I work hard at the yogas, I’d improve very great.

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