Yoga Chants

Ashtanga yoga master Richard Freeman expounds the ancient art of Sanskrit chant in this exquisite two Cd set and booklet. The introductory tracks give the background and history on the practice of chanting, as well as explaining the structure and sacredness of the ancient language of Sanskrit. Guided instruction is provided on the practice tracks, including the symbolic meaning of the chant, its purpose, and step-by-step guidance on how to pronounce and recite the chant. Freedman truly shines in his detailed explanations of this practice, and especially with his eloquent and rich pronunciation of the chants. The second Cd contains ten traditional chants, rendered in the vedic style of patterned recitation, with a drone of harmonium or tambura in the background, that work well to practice reciting the chants with or to simply listen for their peaceful and tranquil effects.

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  1. This two-disc offering is a wonderful chanting aid. Richard Freeman is so uncomplicated to listen to, and I particularly like his commentary about the chants. It is beautifully done, and would be an significant addition to the library of any yoga practitioner, also the Ashtanga yoga postures are the best.

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