Yoga: Core Cross Train

This DVD has two excellent 30-minute yoga programs: a core strengthening sequence, and a core restorative sequence. While the title and box description infer that this DVD will be a tough workout and give you chiseled abs, in reality these two programs are both slow paced and set at a beginner’s level of challenge, intensity and complexity. With slow mindful movements and frequent cues to breathe, the core strengthening program is a balanced series of seated and standing poses that focus primarily, but not entirely, on the core muscles of the stomach and low back.The restorative program is an interesting and enjoyable mix of abdominal massaging poses, soothing stretches, and traditional restorative positions. The must-see bonus interview with Yee is filled with refreshing, interesting and enlightening comments on yoga, meditation and breathing. While this DVD would have been more aptly titled “Yoga: Core Awakening,” overall this is an excellent program and Yee’s teaching is anything but first-class.

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  1. I lovw this site. This is just what I needed, I am a yoga instructor recovering from leg surgery and I need so start over.

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