Yoga for Arthritis

This excellent book covers the therapeutic applications of yoga for all types of arthritic conditions.  The excellent overview of the pathology of arthritis, and the brief introduction to the therapeutic benefits of yoga, sets the foundation for the rest of the book, which is organized primarily by the effected joint.  Each joint is addressed in detail with a list of poses that activate and benefit the joint, and each chapter ends with a table summarizing the poses intensity and actions on the joint.  Many of the yoga poses utilize modifications with props (primarily chairs and straps) and have two stages to work with to suit all levels of ability. 

The detailed step-by-step instructions for the yoga poses are illustrated with numerous photographs and illustrations, making it easy to see and understand the described exercises. The thoroughness and depth of this book make it an essential resource for yoga teachers and therapists, as well as being an invaluable tool for the understanding and healing of arthritis for those effected with this disease.

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