Yoga for Computer Users

I know from firsthand experience the tolls that working on a computer for extended hours can take on the body. This book addresses these stresses and strains of the hands, shoulders and neck through yoga exercises and stretches, practiced at your desk or on your yoga mat. With only 23 illustrated poses this book is accessible and most importantly, not overwhelming to the average office worker. The poses themselves are simple and easy to do and include modifications with props for those with limited flexibility.

In the book’s introduction, Blaine makes a strong case for a regular yoga practice as preventive for repetitive stress injuries (RSI), with both personal and professional experience to back up her advice. Most importantly, she advises to take regular, short yoga breaks while at the computer, and to make this a habit before RSI issues arise.

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  1. Yes this is a big concern, the impact that working at a computer can have on you. I know I get a lot of pain nowadays that I work on websites all day. I used to think it was from the physical work I used to do but actually desk work makes it worse. Doing some yoga definitely helps.

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