Yoga for Osteoporosis by Fishman and Saltonstall

Yoga for Osteoporosis by Fishman and SaltonstallThis researched and highly informative book begins with a thorough overview of the pathology, philology, treatment and prevention of osteoporosis. While these first seven chapters are not required reading to benefit from this book, they will be essential to understand why and how yoga is one of the most effective treatments for this disease, as well as to learn of other treatment approaches that may be helpful as well. The remainder of the chapters are focused on three different yoga practices for managing, treating and preventing osteoporosis and osteopenia: a bone solidifying sequence, a muscular strengthening sequence, and a balancing sequence.
  For each sequence of yoga poses there are three levels of difficulty
given to match your progression with osteoporosis: a osteoporosis
variation, a osteopenia variation, and a prevention variation. For each
description of the yoga poses step-by-step instructions are given with
clear photographs to make it easy to follow and perform the pose
correctly. If you are interested in healing or preventing osteoporosis
then I would highly recommend this book for its detailed thoroughness,
ease of use, and well thought out approach.

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