Yoga, Inc.

Yoga Inc.What happens when a 5,000 year old spiritual practice comes to America? You get Yoga Inc., a fascinating combination between the ancient East and capitalist America. This captivating documentary explores the America’s often strange and controversial attempts to commercialize yoga, leading us on a journey from hot nude yoga and chakra panties to the American yoga championships. While the film touches on a wide spectrum of people, issues and ideas, there are only a few main areas of focus. In the beginning of the film we see a great overview of the history of yoga in the United States. Then the film dives deep into its main subject, Bikram yoga and its copyrighted yoga sequence, lawsuits, commercial franchise and national yoga competitions.

The film peaks when we see how Bikram and other superstar yoga gurus are making untold millions while small “mom and pop” studios have to close their doors to large gyms and national franchised yoga studios. While the film tells many tales of how yoga has gone wrong, it does so in a lighthearted, fun and informative way that does leave one with hope for the future of yoga in America.

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