Yoga Lesson: Equanimity

This new year my intention is to cultivate more Sattva (equanimity) in my life. Sattva is one of the three gunas (qualities) that together create the essential aspects of all nature—energy, matter and consciousness. Sattva is a state of harmony, balance, joy and intelligence. One of the primary goals of yoga is cultivate Sattva while reducing the other two gunas: tamas (darkness) and rajas (activity).
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May our internal and external environments be brought into harmony to create a balanced power of pure beingness.

Each day that we live, we are striving for the middle path, the balanced life, the existence which finds its strength beyond joy and sorrow, beyond pleasure and pain, beyond light and darkness.  – Satguru Sivaya Subramuniyaswami

Sattva is born in stillness. True sattvic strength arises out of a willingness to wait, to allow actions to unfold out of the quiet of your center. The forceful agent of sattvic strength is the force of clear intention – a subtle, yet unbending clarity about what it is that your heart and soul truly want. – Sally Kempton

The possessor of the Sattvic quality has undoubtedly a heart of gold. He
knows that his life has a significance of its own. His breath is pure. His
patience is luminous. Unparalleled is his fortitude. Infallible is his certainty..
 – Sri Chinmoy


Prayer Squat, Half Moon, Warrior 1, Eagle, Tiptoe pose, Flowering Lotus.

Home Work

Recognize all the places in your life where you feel out of balance and list the ways you can correct, offset or minimize these imbalances. [/am4show]

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  1. One of my yoga instructors uses this word at the end of eveyr practice. I never really knew what it meant – I assumed that it was something related to “equal rights.” Thanks for illuminating this.

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