Yoga Lesson: Intention

Creating a sankalpa (intention or prayer) at the beginning of your yoga practice can bring a deeper focus and power, especially if this intention remains active throughout the practice. We can also create individual sankalphas for specific yoga poses to help guide us deeper into the individual postures. An effective sankalpa is a short, positive, and precise statement about what you wish to attain for yourself and/or for the benefit of all.

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May our intentions and prayers be fulfilled with grace and love, and may these intentions serve the highest good of ourselves and benefit all beings

on this planet.

Without intention, all these postures, these breathing practices, meditations, and the like can become little more than ineffectual gestures. When animated by intention, however, the simplest movement, the briefest meditation, and the contents of one breath cycle are made potent.  – Donna Farhi

Whatever an embodied being centers the mind on, be it through love or hate or fear, that we become. – The Uddhava Gita


Use Anjali mudra and poses that incorporate this mudra such as: Prayer Squat, Prayer Twist, Chair Twist, Tiptoe Pose, Tree, and Mountain.

Home Work

Create a short sentence or phrase for the sankalpa of your current life’s focus. Use this sankalpa as a guiding sutra, or “thread,” to weave within your daily tasks and events. [/am4show]

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  1. I do my daily morning meditation at about 5am. I focus on the subtle vibrations at my third eye, the spot in between the eye brows. I have this session for almost 15 minutes daily.
    I feel energised the whole day, able to feel relaxed and be vibrant at the daily task involving work and family.
    Lately I have become very creative, couple of new business ideas have come to my mind and I have successfully implemented not worrying too much about the results, but the results have turned well too, surprising.

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