Yoga Now

Billed as a comprehensive exercise program, this 4-DVD set combines yoga poses and cardio exercises with nutrition and meal planning to promote muscle toning and weight loss. On the first 2 disks, yoga practitioner and actress Mariel Hemingway tag-team teaches with acclaimed yoga expert Rodney Yee in a live class setting. The 30-minute core workout has an option to view a modified version for beginning students while the 50-minute accelerated workout builds on the core workout and gives several voiceover audio options. The cardio portion of this yoga-cardio fusion involves arm swings, back and forth lunge stepping and small hopping in place movements. When teaching together, Mariel and Rodney have an upbeat, spunky and occasionally chatty style giving encouragement while providing light-hearted instruction. The two 10-minute programs, the a.m. energizer and the p.m. de-stressor are simple variations of the core workout that are useful if you are short on time.

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