Yoga Relax and Yoga Stretch Apps

Do yoga anywhere with these two beautifully produced iPhone/iTouch applications. These apps guide you through a unique yoga routine and are identical in their functioning, look and feel. Both have the same menus and interface, allowing you to choose between different audio soundtracks, turn the audio instruction on or off, or just limit the instruction to announcing the names of the poses. You can look up an individual pose for written instructions and benefits from the pose chart page.In the sequence player you can skip or repeat poses as well as pause and resume the sequence and the countdown timer adjusts to any of these changes. There is an option to change the duration of the sequence, but unfortunately all this does is stop the pre-programed sequence after the selected time instead of giving you a new customized sequence. I preferred the audio instruction in Yoga Relax, as more posture details and benefits were given, but I thought Yoga Stretch had a better flowing sequence of poses. Overall both audio instruction tracks could have been more precise and detailed, but this is a small distraction to these otherwise beautiful and polished yoga apps.

Buy Yoga Relax or Yoga Stretch on iTunes for $1 each. Or win a free copy by entering our giveaway contest.

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