Yoga Therapy for Back Pain DVD

This is an essential yoga DVD for those who suffer from the most common forms of back pain.  I love how there are several sequences to choose from to target where and what type of back pain you have, as well as being able to choose a longer or shorter yoga practice for each sequence.  If you are not sure what yoga sequence would be best for your back, the introduction chapter gives a great overview of the types and symptoms of different back conditions. 
  The DVD is filmed in a studio against a white backdrop and Kligerman teaches by way of voiceover while practicing alongside a student who demonstrates the easier pose variations.  All the sequences are similar, gentle and easy to do so it will not take long for even a beginner to feel comfortable with these practices. The yoga practices range from 15 to 44 minutes in length and there are the following menu choices: Intro, General Back, Upper Back, Bulging Disk, Sacro-Iliac Joint, Sciatic Pain, Chair Practice, and Meditation. 

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Check out the YouTube video below for a preview of the DVD.


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