Yoga’s regulating and energizing properties can help alleviate many of the symptoms of mild depression*. Yoga postures will activate and move prana in the body, open the heart center, stimulate the nervous system and balance the body-mind-spirit. A slow, gentle practice is recommended; do not overexert yourself or you may end up more tired than you began. Practice as often as possible; daily is most beneficial.

Yoga Postures
Use our Beat the Blues sequence as a general practice, and adding or emphasizing from our complete list of postures for Depression.

Practice Dirga and Nadi Sodhana Pranayamas to reduce stress and to calm the body, heart and mind. If there is excess fatigue, practice Kapalabhati Pranayama to energize the body.

Meditation reduces stress, calms the mind, reduces negativity and creates a positive attitude. Use one of the following by itself and/or at the beginning and end of your yoga practice: Yoga Meditation, Heart Chakra Meditation, Mantra Meditation.

Healing Depression with Yoga
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Books and Videos
Yoga: the Path to Holistic Health
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Web Resources
On-line depression-screening test
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Yoga is not a substitute for conventional western medication; please consult your medical professional before starting a yoga practice.

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