Osteoporosis is considered a “silent disease” with no symptoms or warnings signs, but can be prevented and treated through regular weight bearing exercise with proper diet and lifestyle habits. Yoga is an excellent weight bearing exercise as it stimulates bone building for both the upper and lower body while being low-impact.

Yoga Postures
Use our Sequence for Building Strong Bones as a general practice and adding or emphasizing from the our complete list of Postures for Osteoporosis.

Meditation reduces stress, calms the mind and harmonizes the endocrine system. Use one of the following by itself and/or at the beginning and end of your yoga practice: Third Eye Meditation or Healing Meditation.

Yoga Therapy for Osteoporosis
Good to the Bone

Books and Videos
The Woman’s Book of Yoga and Health
Yoga Builds Bones
Yoga for Healthy Bones

Yoga Therapy

Every Woman’s Yoga

Web Resources
MayoClinic Osteoporosis Guide

Yoga is not a substitute for conventional western medication; please consult your medical professional before starting a yoga practice.

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