The Seventh Chakra: Universal Connection

Sahasrara, "thousand petaled lotus," seventh chakra

Sahasrara, which means “thousand petaled lotus,” is the seventh chakra and is located at the crown (top) of the head. It is represented by the color white or violet and is considered to be the center of wisdom and pure consciousness. Its issues are devotion, inspiration, selflessness, and spiritual understanding. It is related to the pituitary gland and also connects to the central nervous system. Someone with a healthy and balanced seventh chakra would have highly developed emotional awareness and may even reach a higher spiritual state of bliss or unity with the divine.


May I have a clear and open connection with source energy (spirit) and live in the present moment.

Yoga Poses to Activate this Chakra:

Seated yoga mudra
Head stand prep

Yoga Practices to Activate this Chakra:

Mudra: Rudra and Jnana
Mantra: Silence
Meditation: Crown Chakra Meditation
Yoga Path: Jnana


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  1. Hello Dear May i please know the hand Mudras used for healing scitica, diabities and low get immidiate Results.Can Yoga hand posture heal any health related problems? kindly reply.Thanks

  2. Respected sir,
    you have beautifully explained all the topics of yoga. I am very much thankful to you. God bless you.

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