Kapalabhati Pranayama

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The breath of fire or the skull shining breath is invigorating, energizing, and purifying.

Kapalabhati is a very active, forced exhalation with a passive inhalation. To exhale, the belly quickly pumps into the spine forcing the air out of the nose (like trying to blow out a candle through you nose). Place a hand on your belly to feel the belly actively pumping. Play with the tempo (45-60 exhalations/30 seconds), but keep a steady rhythm. Start with 2-3 rounds of 30 exhalations, and gradually increase the exhalations if comfortable.

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[am4show have=’p1;p2;p4;’ guest_error=’Premo’ user_error=’Upgrade’ ] Use the player below to stream a low-fi instructional audio track for this practice:

Or use the following link to download the hi-fi Mp3 audio track: Kapalabhati Pranayama MP3[/am4show]

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  1. am a premium member.but dont seem to have access to the audio.can this be rectified.thnx

  2. prativaa2004 – I’m seeing it fine. Please contact customer support to resolve this issue with your account

  3. Thank you. That clarified alot of questions. I appreciate how the audio allowed me to experience the rythym. Thanks again.

  4. Jairy – The inhalation is passive and you don’t have to think about inhaling. Focus on the exhale and just relax the abdominals after the exhale.

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