Third Eye Meditation

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This third eye meditation is a simple technique to focus the mind, increase concentration and improve mental clarity.

Sit in a comfortable position, either cross-legged on the floor or in a chair. Sit up tall with the spine straight, the shoulders relaxed and the chest open. Rest the hands on the knees with the palms facing up. Lightly touch the index finger to the thumb. Relax the face, jaw, and belly. Let the tongue rest on the roof of the mouth, just behind the front teeth. Allow the eyes to lightly close.

Breathe slowly, smoothly and deeply in and out through the nose. With the eyes closed, look up at the third eye, the space between the eyebrows, the sixth chakra. Focus your gaze and concentration intently on this spot, looking for a white or indigo blue light to appear. When thoughts arise in the mind, let them go and return the focus to the third eye.

Practice this meditation for 10-20 minutes. To end, inhale the palms together in front of the heart, exhale and gently bow while saying these words “May I see and perceive clearly on every level, and seek only the truth”. Gently let the eyes blink open and take a moment or two before moving on with the rest of your day.

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  1. I like this exercise; however, one should discuss what the third eye is and how it functions. It is your “TV screen” and your connection to the unconscious. Your end goal is to be present when this imagery occurs. This also applies to your dream states. -lightf

  2. I could use some tips. I have just become interested in meditation and have not given it a serious try because im terribly scatter brained. everytime i sit down to breath something else needs my attention. any helpful hints?

  3. maddiemay, this is totally natural. We are all scattered brained, and something will always need your attention! When that something comes up, just let it go and return your focus to the breath. One trick is to tell yourself that all of the things to do and thoughts will be there when you have finished your mediation practice. Just do not act or engage the thoughts when they naturally arise.

  4. I just tried this but neer saw the white or blue light. I did keep getting bright flashes of white like lighting ….. is this normal ?

  5. I don’t see this white or blue light. I keep seeing this purple circle thought…is that normal or are just my eyes playing tricks on me?

  6. I have just started yoga and find it very relaxing. I tried this technique of meditation, and have found that I see an eye looking back at me. What does this mean?

  7. tomc, phead and mjohnston64 – it is fine if you see something different than a “white or indigo blue light’. Whatever appears for you is fine, and you can choose to focus your attention on that or not. This looking for something is just a techniques to focus your attention and to guide your awareness inwards.

  8. uhm I’d like to ask if pot perhaps helps for meditation ? I won’t lie you know I smoke pot sometimes and I’ve heard that it helps out

  9. Mane – smoking pot will not help you in yoga or meditation. But yoga and meditation can give you similar effects as smoking pot.

  10. well I mean from what I understand in meditation the point is to empty your mind and just focus on an object and pot just kind of frees your mind you know I mean thoughts just start swimming they come they go so perhaps you have a point though have you tried meditating while high ? And just another question since it takes a while for you guys to answer am just like Maddiemay I’m like really scatter minded not in the same way though I mean I find it difficult to just focus on that spot between my eyes and not think about anything else I mean thoughts arise I let them go but then they come back up again any tips perhaps on how I can really empty my head ? It’s like I see the white light but only for a few second and then it goes off again and I’m getting the feeling that I’m doing something wrong

  11. Hi Mane,

    Yoga and meditation are hard. It takes a lot of focus and discipline and practice to make any progress. Please read “The 13 Obstacles of Yoga” at:

    In meditation it is the one-pointed focus that is important. Don’t try to empty the mind or to not think. Try to concentrate on one thing, and return your focus over and over to that point of concentration.

  12. pot does not help.. just think the inner eye is a flash light that you us to see with, pot is like droping the flash light in mud and wiping it off with dirty muddy hands. the focus is to search the inner parts of the body. if you proggess you can tap in to the universe. to feel the atmosfer around you.the most improtant feeling is harmony.but there are lots of things to see,best look at all of them.when i was very young mother always could tell is things were right or not,, this sort of intutiveness is the goal

  13. Feeling the need to clear things up.
    If you don’t see a white/purple orb, you’re not following the third eye (not to be confused with the actual chakra, located behind the third eye). Refer to the candleflame technique to truly find it, a lot of you guys sound terribly new. The third eye is a bamf, you can delve into it like lightf said, into the astral plane, blurring the line of reality and your subconscience fantasy. Loads of other stuff.

    Regarding pot, a.k.a. the divine sage, people new to meditation should’nt mix the two. Being high is being vulnerable, to positives as well as negatives. Let’s just say, I’ve developed PTSD from the combination back in college.

  14. There are times when I’m going through the day and I notice that there is a sort of pulsing resonance where the third eye is located and the more I focus on that feeling the stronger it gets. Is this part of that or just tense muscles being exagerated? Because I have been exploring different spiritual techniques for the past few years and this coud have come from that but I’m unsure. Also when I’m relaxing about to sleep or just in a calm state I can focus on that spot and recieve the feeling but I’ve never know about looking for the blue or white light until now. Does one come with the other?

  15. Hi
    I would really like to know if you consider this meditation safe for someone who has previously been diagnosed (wrongly or rightly?). with 1st episode psychosis? I am a teacher & have someone in my class, this person is relatively stable now, mostly after-shocked from the experience, but had done a lot of meditation previously. I can’t quite work out whether meditation is beneficial or detrimental in such cases. Can you advise?

    1. Post

      Unfortunately, I can’t advise you as I do not know this person or their history. I’d recommend asking their therapist and in general, taking things super slow.

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