Premium Membership Benefits

YogaBasics Premium Membership has been created to better guide you in the practice of yoga, from showing you how to sequence postures to using yoga as a tool for healing and wellbeing.

Membership includes all of the following benefits:
• Yoga Audio MP3s (yoga sequences, meditations, pranayamas)
• 48 Yoga Pose Sequences
Yoga Therapy Pages – 28 common diseases and physical complaints
• 50% More Yoga Poses (primarily the intermediate and advanced poses)
• Additional Meditations and Pranayamas
• Mudras and Mantras and More!

Premium Membership Rates:
$15 – 6 months
$25 – 1 year (save $5)
$40 – 2 years (save $20)

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We are incredibly grateful for all of our premium members who financially support the work we do here on YogaBasics. Without our premium members we would not be able to continue to add new content to our site!

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