Backside Blues

This 25 step sequence of yoga postures was designed to heal and strengthen the back muscles and to alleviate mild back pain and discomfort. Level: Basic to Beginner

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  1. Just finished this set of poses. I am kind of new to Yoga but have started to practice it because of back problems (Scitatica) This warms the back and hips up which reduces my over all pain. Also stretches some of those nuesence hamstrings that I have. Overall a good yoga session.

  2. sid4711 – As long as you are in overall good health this sequence should be fine for you.

  3. Thx Timothy for your comment, also wanted to ask you are there any special set of exercises for Arthritis, will be grateful for your help.

  4. Hi, loving all the content. Thanks for all the help. I am having trouble seeing the back sequence. What can I do?

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