Energizing Intermediate Sequence

Use this intermediate sequence to energize the body and mind. This is a 22 step sequence of invigorating beginning postures that is great to do in the morning to start your day.

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  1. #17 pose is triangle but the photo is of warrior angle – could be confusing to some.

  2. I love all of the sequences and so do my students.
    Great site and getting better all the time.
    Some of the descriptions could use more detal such as internal and external rotation of femurs to ground the heels more firmly but on the whole fabulous.

  3. the gym I work at believes that the reason my #’s of students is low is because my class is not intermediate enough. How do I make my class more intermediate?

  4. It would be great if you could write the Sanskrit as well as the English names for the Asanas. Is this possible?

  5. htel — I understand why you would want the Sanskrit for the intermediate sequences. The sequence pages are not formatted to easily add this, but I will look and see if it would work to add a small caption under the photo with the Sanskrit.

    You can click on each pose to be taken to the asana page that has the Sanskrit name of the pose.

  6. tpk166 – to make your yoga class more challenging you can do a few things: add more advanced / challenging poses, increase holding times for certain poses, and/or add more dynamic sun salutation type of movement.

  7. Timothy

    I have been a premium member for a couple of years, I wanted you to know how much I enjoy and appreciate this resource!! Jai!! Marybeth

    1. Post

      Hi Marybeth, Thank you for your continued membership support. I’m glad you continue to enjoy Yoga Basics!

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