Hips and Hamstrings

This 28 step sequence of yoga postures was designed to stretch and open the hips and the hamstrings. Level: Beginner.

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  1. I love this sequence. I am very inflexible due to over use of muscles – this has helped me relax and gain much needed flexibility. THANKS!!!

  2. HI,
    I am a premium member, but do not have access to all of the content. Is there another membership?
    Thank you

  3. benalim – The premium membership will give you access to all content. Please contact customer service to figure how to fix this.

  4. Hi!
    have gone through nearly all special sequences and find they are all very similar! apart from some changes…

  5. Well, i find all sequences to be very similar!!!!feel quite disappointed about them…They’re all nearly the same! i wish for more variety!

  6. poornima – I understand that some of the sequences are similar, but there are only so many ways to sequence the same pool of beginning to intermediate level poses. Many of the poses are done in a similar order as that is the most intelligent way to do them.

    Please let me know how you would like to see them different?

  7. I absolutely LOVE all of your yoga sequences. The beauty of containing some similar poses and combinations is that my students know the asana and what comes next and are able to focus more on the pose at hand. I really enjoy your work and always look forward to learning more from you and others on this website!

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