Seated 1 Intermediate Sequence

Use this intermediate seated pose sequence by itself or in combination with Intermediate Standing 1. This is an engaging 28 step sequence of postures to use as a foundation in your intermediate yoga practice.

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  1. It’s very unclear from your basic site navigation what is available to free membership holders and what is premium-access-only. Even on this page, the PLEASE LOGIN AS A PREMIUM MEMBER text is very hard to read. I just joined as a free member to post this comment, but figuring out where to join was also difficult.
    Long story short, there isn’t much on the site that’s communicating the value of becoming a premium member. Should I join, or not? Hmmm…
    My guess is that your communication of premium membership value is hurting getting members. It feels like a barrier, not an offering.

  2. Dear wolfinthesky, thank you for your feedback. I will work on revamping the PLEASE LOGIN AS A PREMIUM MEMBER text box with the recommendations you noted.

  3. hello – it seems the intermediate and various other levels do not have mp3 audio download. just got my membership and would like to follow along with the intermediate. estimate on when it will be added?


  4. senyart – You will be able to immediately access the info after you signup for the premium membership. You may need to signout and then log back in to get proper access.

  5. I just paid for a 6 month premium membership but I can’t access the ‘premium’ content on my Ipad.

  6. Kc2002 – Let me check this out on my iPad and get back to you. In the meantime, please contact our customer service so we can send you individualized support.

  7. Kc2002 – I was able to access the premium content on my iPad. This must be an issue with your account so please contact customer service to resolve the issue.

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