Seated 1 Sequence

Use this beginning seated pose sequence by itself or in combination with Beginning Standing 1. This is a simple 19 step sequence of postures to use as a foundation in your beginning yoga practice.
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  1. I am unable to access any of the sequences under the beginner category. All I am able to get is the first paragraph, and the MP3 download login notice.
    Thank you!

  2. enstasYoga – I’ve confirmed that this works correctly on my computer so you will need to contact customer service to resolve why you are not able to view the premium content.

  3. No pictures inthis whole website as I am a premium member. How can I see the picutres? Something is wrong?

  4. Spring – I’m seeing them fine. I adjusted a setting on our server that effects images just in case that was causing an issue for you. Please try to reload the page and see if the images come up.

  5. I just signed up for 6 month and when I try to access the content, I am told I am not allowed to view this content? Thanks for your help.

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