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Yoga Basics News  •  No.157  •  July 17, 2014  

Yoga Retreats

Our Yoga for Beginners book takes you through the basics of practicing yoga and then teaches you the poses in the context of a yoga practice sequence.

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Yoga Retreats
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From the Founder

One of the sweetest rewards of a dedicated yoga practice is the experience of grace (kripa). While grace is a desirable panacea to smooth out life's bumps and pitfalls, many yogis say it is an essential key to attaining self-realization and success in yoga. In yoga, kripa is considered a spiritual energy that is channeled into the body via the crown chakra. The practice of yoga opens and strengthens this channel to allow grace to flow in smoothly through one’s body-mind-heart.

There are four kripas that can be experienced and cultivated in yoga. Ishvara kripa is the grace attained through your connection to the Divine. Guru kripa is the grace transmitted through a skilled and knowledgeable teacher. Shastra kripa is the grace that comes with a deep understanding of sacred scriptures and teachings. Atma kripa is the grace attained through knowing and honoring your highest self.


Timothy Burgin
Founder & Executive Director


Acrobatic Yoga: An Interview with Lex Peters

Call it what you will, acro yoga, acrobatic yoga or couples yoga on steroids! This hybrid of yoga, partner dance, gymnastics, ballet—and of course, acrobatics—is one of the hottest new trends in yoga. Peruse social media videos and you’ll undoubtedly...

Yoga and Beer?

Like peanut butter and jelly, wine and cheese and all those other matches made in heaven—beer and yoga have finally found one another. OK, so not everyone is so convinced that getting your bandhas and a buzz on at the...

How to Avoid Common Vinyasa Yoga Injuries

Most yoga teachers are chock-full of posture cues designed to protect the body during an asana practice. Alignment prompts like "keep your knee over your ankle," and "inwardly rotate your thighs" are often heard during Warrior postures as important tools for...

6 Ways to Boost Your Prana

Pinch yourself—it’s real. Well, sort of.  According to yoga anatomy, the body we can see and touch is one of the five koshas, sometimes described as sheaths or veils. Annamaya kosha, the food body, is the most "real" to us,...


Kino MacGregor Inspires Yogis to “Be Stronger”

In this short video talk, Ashtanga yogini extraordinaire Kino MacGregor shares her personal stories on overcoming limitations, obstacles and criticism through her yoga practice. Kino began practicing yoga at nineteen and now practices through the Fourth Series of Ashtanga Yoga. She...

Letting Go: Injury as Practice

About a year ago I started having low back and hip pain on my right side. Being a young, in-shape yoga teacher (wholly unwilling to admit anything might be seriously wrong) I simply ignored it and continued to practice yoga...


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