Cat Tilt Pose



Level: Basic


1. From Table pose, exhale and tuck the tail bone under, round the spine and let the head drop down.

2. Press into the palms to drop the shoulders away from the ears and to reach the middle and upper back up towards the ceiling.

3. Breathe and hold for 4-8 breaths, or vinyasa between cat pose and dog pose, inhaling into dog and exhaling into cat.

4. To release, inhale and flatten the back moving into Table.

Benefits + Contraindications

Benefits: Cat pose stretches the middle to upper back and shoulders.

Contraindications: Recent or chronic back pain or injury.

Modifications + Variations

Modifications: Place a folded blanket under the knees to protect them.


Use one or more of the following postures to build a sequence leading up to this pose: Table, Dog.

Use one or more of the following postures to build a sequence ending after this pose: Down Dog, Low Lunge, Child, Caterpillar, Puppy.

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  1. Is this pose safe to do if you have a trapped nerve in the neck or will it do it more harm?


    1. Post

      It would depend on where the compression is happening on the nerve. To be safe keep the cervical spine in a neutral position or very slowly and carefully release the head downwards.

  2. I tried each pose, some more difficult than others. This my first time trying this on my own. I was truly peaceful and I enjoyed the attempt.

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