Seated Angle

upavistha konasana

Pronunciation: (oo-pah-VEESH-tah cone-AHS-anna)

Level: Intermediate


1. Seated in Staff pose, spread the legs out as wide as comfortable with the toes and knee caps pointing straight up.

2. Inhale the arms up towards the ceiling, and exhale the arms forward reaching through the fingers, lowering the palms flat to the floor.

3. Walk the fingertips forward, gently deepening the stretch. Keep the focus on reaching out from the waist to keep the spine long.

4. Breathe and hold for 3-8 breaths.

5. To release: slowly inhale the arms back up to the ceiling and exhale them down to your sides or slowly walk the hands in as you round up the spine.

Benefits + Contraindications

Benefits: Seated angle deeply opens the hips while stretching the entire back side of the body: legs, back, and arms.

Contraindications: Recent or chronic injury to the knees, hips, arms or shoulders.

Modifications + Variations

Modifications: A) Place a blanket under the hips or the heels. B) Place a bolster or several blankets between the legs to rest the torso on.

Variations: Have the hands hold onto the ankles or feet.


Use one or more of the following postures to build a sequence leading up to this pose: Staff Pose, Bound Angle, Side Seated Angle, Revolved Head to Knee.

Use one or more of the following postures to build a sequence ending after this pose: Upward Boat, Inclined Plane, Crab, Side Seated Angle, Forward Fold.

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