Monkey Pose


Level: Advanced
Pronunciation: (hah-new-mahn-AHS-anna)

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Hip Opening Poses
  • Side Seated Angle • parsva upavistha konasana

    Side Seated Angle

  • Extended Leg Squat • utthita namaskarasana

    Extended Leg Squat

  • Full Lotus Pose / padmasana

    Full Lotus

  • Balancing Bound Angle Pose • dandayamna baddha konasana

    Balancing Bound Angle

  • extended supine hand to toe / utthita supta padangusthasana

    Extended Supine Hand to Toe

  • Half Lotus yoga pose

    Half Lotus

  • Half Moon • ardha chandrasana

    Half Moon

  • Extended Hand to Toe / utthita hasta padangusthasana

    Extended Hand to Toe

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