Level: Beginner


1. On your hands and knees in Table pose, inhale the right knee to the forehead, rounding the spine. 

2. Exhale reach the right foot up towards the ceiling, arching the spine and looking up at the ceiling.

3. Inhale the forehead to knee and exhale the foot up 4-8 times.  Optional: exhale with a “Haaa!” sound out of the mouth.

4. To release: exhale the knee back down to the floor into Table pose.

5. Repeat on other side.

Benefits + Contraindications

Benefits: Tiger pose warms and stretches the back muscles and spine. Tiger pose strengthens the core body and stimulates the nervous, lymphatic and reproductive systems.

Contraindications: Recent or chronic injury to the back, hips, or knees.

Modifications + Variations

Modifications: Place a folded blanket under the knees to protect them from pressure and stress.

Variations: Parsva Bakasana is a variation of Bakasana, crane pose.


Use one or more of the following postures to build a sequence leading up to this pose: Table.

Use one or more of the following postures to build a sequence ending after this pose: Low Lunge, Pigeon, One Handed Tiger, Table, Table Balance.

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  1. This is a very good site for yoga.
    Being a haha yoga teacher myself.
    I love looking for different ways to spice up my yoga class and keep my students guessing.

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