Warrior II

Virabhadrasana II

Level: Beginner
Pronunciation: (VEER-ah-bha-DRAS-anna )


1. From Five Pointed Star,  turn the right toes to the right wall and bend the right knee directly over the right ankle.

2. Turn the hips and the shoulders towards the front and reach out through the finger tips, reaching towards the side walls. Turn and look at the right middle finger.

3. Press into the feet, keeping the legs strong. Sink the hips down towards the floor, and reach the crown of the head up to lengthen the spine. Relax the shoulders down and back, pressing the chest forward.

4. Breathe and hold for 3-6 breaths.

5. To release: straighten the legs and turn the feet forward coming back into 5 pointed star.

Benefits + Contraindications

Benefits: Warrior II strengthens the legs, opens the hips and chest . Warrior II develops concentration, balance and groundedness. This pose improves circulation and respiration and energizes the entire body.

Contraindications: Recent or chronic injury to the hips, knees or shoulders.

Modifications + Variations

Modifications: Place hands on hips.


Use one or more of the following postures to build a sequence leading up to this pose: Five Pointed Star, Mountain, Warrior I.

Use one or more of the following postures to build a sequence ending after this pose: Warrior I, Reverse Warrior II, Triangle, Warrior III.

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3 responses to “Warrior II”

  1. Michael Sperling Avatar
    Michael Sperling

    I have always loved doing warrior 2 pose but never knew what I was doing wrong. After reading this post I finally know what I need to do differently. Thank you so much for sharing these tips.

  2. Jacob Brown Avatar
    Jacob Brown

    Wow! I was able to learn so much from this article on Warrior II! I’m really grateful for the high quality details. Thank you!

  3. Amelia Dixon Avatar
    Amelia Dixon

    I love how this pose helps to improve balance, focus, and concentration. The step-by-step instructions on how to do this pose are so clear and easy to follow

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