Timothy Burgin, Founder & Executive Director

Published on November 12, 2007

Timothy BurginYogabasics.com is a blossom picked from the heart. Founder, designer and writer Timothy Burgin skillfully wove together several of his life’s passions – 19 years of yoga training, an education in studio arts and photography, and his love of computer programming and design – to bring the ancient teachings of yoga to the modern age of the internet.

As a young college student in California, Timothy was called to the path of yoga after he reluctantly signed up for a class at the local University. “The Qi Gong class’s pre-requisite was yoga,” he says with a sly grin, quickly adding, “I now see there were other plans for me”. While fearful that a yoga class would be too challenging for his very inflexible 19-year old body, Timothy immediately fell in love with the practice.

As his practice deepened over the years, he moved to Kripalu in 1997 where he received his yoga teacher training. The training and experience that followed deepened Timothy’s commitment to the healing arts, and in 2003 he received his acupuncture training from the Santa Barbara College of Oriental Medicine.

While attending grad school, the vision for YogaBasics.com was born. Timothy felt “called to create an online resource guide to yoga, for my yoga students, as well as for the whole world.” In the fall of 2000, YogaBasics.com was launched to fulfill a need for information on yoga with over 70 yoga poses, pose sequences, and information on chakras, pranayama and meditation. The website quickly outgrew its modest beginnings, requiring the launch of a new site design with a paid membership to premium content in the spring of 2002. Timothy’s commitment to creating and sharing the practice and teachings of yoga continues to grow and blossom with the launch of the current site re-design launched in the fall of 2007.

Now living in Asheville, NC, Timothy continues his path of devotion and selfless service – teaching yoga classes, leading Kirtan, and, of course, transmitting the ancient teaching of yoga through the modern power of the internet. In addition to YogaBasics.com, he is also the founder of JapaMalaBeads.com, a website dedicated to producing and importing quality mala beads.

It is said that what lives in our hearts, escapes in every breath, word and action. If this is true, then it is quite clear that a profound love of yoga and a deep commitment to humanity lives in the heart of Timothy Burgin.

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12 responses to “Timothy Burgin, Founder & Executive Director”

  1. Govindam Avatar

    I’ve only recently come across this site. Love it and thank you for this service for the benefit of Humanity and a more peaceful world!

    1. MamuMogambo Avatar

      Hi Timonthy,
      In one of your replies to an articles about consumption of marijuana during yoga classes (article on this site), you mentioned that one can experience the same effect of an high if you are experienced enough in the practice. This is something I have come across before as well. Would love to know your views on this in as much detail as possible. My question emerges from my personal experience with Yoga which practically non-existent to say the least but whatever I have done I could relate it to my experience once when my soccer coach made us run for miles and miles. My body was on the verge of falling unconscious to the ground. But after the run, I felt blissful. There are certain other such experiences relating to swimming, reading, playing Badminton etc. I am completely serious here.
      Would love to know your views on this and discuss more.

  2. Paige Wilson Avatar
    Paige Wilson

    I took a class from you in Goleta, Ca several years ago. I purchased a CD ( kripalu yoga flow 1). The CD NO LONGER WORKS AND I would like to replace it. MP3.com seems to no longer exist. Can I purchase from your site?

    1. Timothy Burgin Avatar
      Timothy Burgin

      Hi Paige,
      You can download the CD from: https://yogitim.bandcamp.com/album/kriplau-yoga-flow-nourishment
      There are several other yoga class MP3 downloads available (with a premium paid membership) at: http://www.yogabasics.com/explore/downloads/

  3. Ravi Avatar

    Hi Timothy,

    Good to see your website and its very attractive and you provided tons of articles which are highly knowledgeable.
    I like you and your plans. I keep in touch with you!!

    Thanks and Regards,

  4. Mark Gustavson Avatar
    Mark Gustavson

    Dear Felicia,

    Dear Timothy,

    Does Yogabasics review new yoga music albums?

    Thank you for your consideration.


    Mark Gustavson

    1. Timothy Burgin Avatar
      Timothy Burgin

      Hi Mark, yes we do. I just emailed you more info.

  5. DarkAngel Avatar

    Hello Tim,
    I would like to know which type of yoga you learnt and if possible your teacher or guru?

  6. Joe Avatar

    Hi Tim,

    I’m a yoga teacher with a question you might be able to answer. What would by approach be to a backbend class so that it has a Rajasic/Sattva effect and what my approach be for a forward bend class so it has a Tamasic/Sattva effect?

    Thank you…OM, JOE

  7. David Ioder Avatar
    David Ioder

    Timothy, we are a small urban farm in Chicago, and for the past few years we have offered goat yoga. We just received the following concern from a local Hindu, and we would be interested in your perspective. Thanks for whatever insight you can offer.

    PLEASE stop selling “goat yoga.” It’s appropriative and offensive. Yoga is part of the Hindu religion. Asanas are just one small piece of a complex and ancient philosophy of life and the universe. By selling (which itself is contrary to Hinduism) yoga lessons involving goats crawling over the students you are making a mockery of my religion. Eastern religions are marginalized in western culture. They are treated as exotic and mystical – as other, as not real religions. But to millions (billions) of people yoga is religion just like going to mass or taking communion or keeping kosher or praying 5 times a day. Would you sell a class offering communion with goats crawling over parishioners? I’m sure not. Maybe no one told you yoga is a religion. Maybe you never stopped to ask, google, or otherwise research the authenticity or history of what you are doing. I’m a Hindu. My grandfather was a guru in India. My parents run an Ashram in the Chicago suburbs. So now you’re on notice – a Hindu, for whom yoga is not just an exercise regime, is asking you to stop.

    1. Timothy Burgin Avatar
      Timothy Burgin

      Hi David, there is a very nationalist and extremist faction of Hinduism named “Hindutva” which it sounds like this person belongs. They believe that only Hindus can practice yoga (hence this persons reference that “yoga is religion”) and they often resort to bullying and intimidation tactics. My opinion is that yoga is more akin to prayer, a spiritual practice not bound by any religion or people. So I see no offense if someone likes to sit and pray with a bunch of cute goats.

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About the author
Timothy Burgin is a Kripalu & Pranakriya trained yoga instructor living and teaching in Asheville, NC. Timothy has studied and taught many styles of yoga and has completed a 500-hour Advanced Pranakriya Yoga training. Timothy has been serving as the Executive Director of YogaBasics.com since 2000. He has authored two yoga books and has written over 500 articles on the practice and philosophy of yoga. Timothy is also the creator of Japa Mala Beads and has been designing and importing mala beads since 2004.
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