Chant 4 Change!

On the eve of the Presidential Inauguration, the world seems to be buzzing with anticipation. Students, neighbors and friends are all packing up and heading to D.C. to be a part of this moment in history, and many are heading to the Church of the Holy City on 16th St. NW in Washington to breathe, chant, move, and dance at Chant 4 Change, an Inaugural Kirtan Festival.

Shiva Rea, Jai Uttal, and David Stringer headline a list of “conscious revolutionaries” who are joining voices on Monday evening in celebration of our new leaders and the collective hope for a new country. The interfaith event has high hopes of rising above political boundaries and religious divisions to create a shared space of celebration and unification of hope for our future. Held on Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. day, a day which represents the power of peaceful social change, participants in the event are excited about the correlations of peace and change that the inauguration signifies.

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“There is special excitement about this event,” said Gaura Vani, owner of the sacred music website, “It represents a historical loop of reform that spans ancient East Indian spirituality, figures such as Gandhi and Martin Luther King, President-Elect Obama and the millions of people around the world that participated in his election. The common thread is change, in a deeply spiritual sense.”

The live event, which is within sight of the White House and Washington Monument, is sold out, but you can still be a part of the experience through the Live Webcast of the celebration on Monday evening January 19th at 6:30. Jai!

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