Honoring Guru Purnima

In the Hindu tradition, today is the full moon day of Guru Purnima, the day of honoring the Guru. The guru in Hinduism is regarded as the highest form of the teacher, and many are even worshiped as incarnations of deities. Guru Purnima is a celebration of the lord Vyasa, the great teacher and author of the Mahabarta and contributor to the Vedas, in the form of all teachers and their contributions to the elevation of the Self.

Free from the context of the mythology or dogma, though, Guru Purnima can still be a very powerful and auspicious day for all who observe it. It is a day to honor all of our teachers, to reflect on our commitment to practice, and to renew our vow to our path or goal.

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Traditionally this day is of great significance to farmers as it heralds the coming of the rainy season which bring life and nourishment to the fields, and is therefore celebrated with passion and devotion.

Regardless of your spiritual path, I encourage us all to take a moment today to honor all of the people, events and inspirations that have guided our path in this life. Take a moment to reflect on where we have been and all that we have been through in the last year, and make a commitment to our practice and our path for the coming one. If it feels appropriate, you could even thank those teachers who hold special significance in your life.

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I would like to honor and thank all of my teachers, Yogarupa Rod Styrker, Lydhia Ometto, Erich Schiffman, Peter Bellonci, Dr. Gayendra Mahapatra, Yogiraj Gurunath Siddhanath,Yaniv Cohen, Serena Crawford, Holly Whitesides, Valerie Midgett, Sarah Martin, Kris Golden, Stephanie Keach, Mitzi Biddle, Dharma Golden, Bob Biddle, Kerry Kleisner, Pippa Golden, Timothy Burgin, and countless others named and unnamed who have provided indispensable guidance on my path. Jai Guru!

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