How High Can Yoga Fly?

Ok, I know there are some pretty radical claims when it comes to yoga, take Book Three of Patanjali’s Yoga Sutra’s for example. He speaks of the siddhis (states) that you can reach once you’ve obtained samyama (the convergence of concentration, focus, & transcendence) like becoming invisible, being as strong as an elephant, and levitation, but can these claims really be true? Really?? So my friend Timothy sends me this link, Man Levitates in front of White House, and suggests that I check it out.

What!??! Of course, initially I was amazed, which quickly morphed into cynicism, then to an almost obsessive Sherlock Holmes-ish need to unravel the mystery. There’s a stick. That must have something to do with it. It’s attached to a platform that he’s sitting on. But wait, some bold fellows are getting right up under there and looking. They most surely would’ve called this guy out, right. There’s got to be a catch, a trick, a secret. No way that this guy can really do this, and in front of the White House which we all know is not a hotbed of positive energy at the moment. So what’s the deal?!?

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Later that same day as my brain was working frantically to blow this “David Copperfield” out of the water, I was having a conversation with a friend of mine who has been traveling down this spiritual path for a while now. Thirty years my senior, the student of a guru, and a very worldly dude, my friend get’s things that most of us don’t. I tell him about this flying yogi. He says, “you know, Kelly, in India miracles happen all the time. They are such a common occurrence, that they are not such a big deal. They aren’t analyzed, criticized, or questioned. They just are.”

This immediately brought my obsessive need to out this flying guy to a screeching halt. I began to think about my world, both outer and inner. When did I loose sight of miracles? Isn’t it a miracle that any of us were conceived, that cells divided to produce our structures, our functions, our thoughts and emotions? Isn’t it a miracle that my five year old asks, “Mommy did you know that dog spelled backwards is god? What do you think that means?” Miracles happen every moment of every day. In our separation from them, we become cynical, doubtful, suspicious. We become so full of doubt that even the most obvious truths are questioned. We struggle to accept that some things happen that we just can’t explain. Maybe it’s a gift that we don’t know everything. Maybe surrendering into the unknown is the knowledge.

So, I’m going to let this dog lie, or fly in this case. How ever he’s doing it is a miracle to me!

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