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Inspiring Video: Yoga for People of All Sizes

Published on April 22, 2016

Any woman of any size can do yoga. This inspiring video produced by Canadian plus-size outfitter Penningtons shows that beauty, strength, and confidence come in different sizes, shapes, and heights. Penningtons has started the #iwontcompromise movement for people to celebrate doing what they love, wearing what makes them feel good, and being who they are without compromise.

The video states common prejudices and misconceptions about why plus size women shouldn’t do yoga. Dianne Bondy (yoga teacher, social justice activist, and leading voice of the Yoga For All movement) proves them wrong again and again, and shows that weight says nothing about what your body can do.

Watch below:

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5 responses to “Inspiring Video: Yoga for People of All Sizes”

  1. Elizabeth Wilkerson Avatar
    Elizabeth Wilkerson

    I am a 65 year old plus size woman who practices yoga. My yoga instructor, Mrs. Gloria Jean Simmons, San Antonio, TX, is a 89 year old woman who encouraged me along my practice quest. She never said a negative word about my size. I have had other instructors who showed their uncomfortably with my yoga practice, until they saw what I can do! ??? Mrs. Simmons has asked me to post a video of my practice. I plan to do so.

    1. April Stolarz Avatar
      April Stolarz

      Thanks for sharing! That’s inspiring. We’d love to see a video of your practice.

  2. jeananne Avatar

    I love this video, have watched it several times. She is a beautiful and amazing yogi! Her t-shirt is pretty awesome too.

    1. April Stolarz Avatar
      April Stolarz

      We like her t-shirt also :)

  3. Yogi Vini Avatar
    Yogi Vini

    Really really appreciating and inspirational

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