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Just Practice – An Awe Inspiring Ashtanga Video

Published on August 14, 2015

Alessandro Sigismondi has flawlessly captured another Ashtanga practitioner weaving through this intricate, traditional vinyasa practice. It’s hard to imagine that Alexandros didn’t begin practicing until the age of 38, but his unwavering commitment is obvious. To the tune of gentle piano notes, Alexandros’ practice progresses from the glowing light of pre-dawn hours to a fully sunlit room where he finally releases into a well deserved Savasana. The video starts slowly, giving you a sense of his pace and rhythm, but you’ll be pulled into the intensity of movements as the film speed picks up and Alexandros’ strong ujjayi breath comes alive. Why practice such an intense and complex yoga practice? According to Alexandros, “It’s a journey of the breath … Ashtanga for me, it’s the practice of love.”

Watch the video below.

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2 responses to “Just Practice – An Awe Inspiring Ashtanga Video”

  1. ME Avatar

    This makes me sad and frustrated. Another person having found peace and a sense of identity through yoga which I have not found.

  2. D Avatar

    So beautiful. Thank you for sharing 🧡 #goals

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