mother daughter yoga video

Adorable Mother-Daughter Yoga Video

Published on May 11, 2014

Yoga teacher Christine Genge shows how easy and sweet it is to share yoga with your mom in this challenging 4.5 minute vinyasa sequence. The difference between their abilities is obvious, yet Christine’s awesome mother doesn’t skip a beat. She is able to keep up with the sequence by modifying and adapting the yoga poses to her level of strength and flexibility. This yoga sequence is primarily focused on twists, balance poses, and hip openers. Christine also has great taste in music; the soundtrack, Be What You Be, introduced me to the beautiful and soulful music of Angus Stone.

Christine’s description:

My wonderful mother helps demonstrate how a power vinyasa sequence can be modified for multiple levels without losing the flow. Still multiple fun transitions and poses but with individual variations to accommodate the differences in our individual practices.

Watch below:

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2 responses to “Adorable Mother-Daughter Yoga Video”

  1. anita Avatar

    beautiful. Thanks so much for sharing.

    1. Timothy Burgin Avatar
      Timothy Burgin

      You are welcome!

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