inspiring acroyoga video

Be Inspired to Fly in This Lovely Acroyoga Video

Published on September 10, 2019

Acroyoga is a relatively new practice (circa 2003) that is a dynamic combination of yoga poses, acrobatics, and Thai massage. Some of the most inspirational and beautiful yoga-themed videos on YouTube are short acroyoga partner flows. The Acroyoga Sanctuary specializes in workshops in acroyoga and recently released several beautifully filmed videos shot in gorgeous locations in Scotland. 

Our favorite is titled “An Epic and Cute Flow for Beginners” as this video has an elegant and dance-like flow to it. Filmed on a lake beach, the cinematography is simple and subdued which complements the calming and soothing piano soundtrack.

After watching this beautiful and graceful acroyoga video, your first thought might be is this really for beginners? Yes–this couple teaches sequences and movements just like this one for beginners, but you certainly should not try out acroyoga movements like these without proper instruction and a safety spotter.

Whether you’re an experienced acroyoga practitioner or just curious to try it out, this inspiring video is a lovely example of the grace, connection and trust that is cultivated in this practice. 

Watch the acroyoga video below:


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