Daydream Meghan Currie yoga video

Dreamy Time-lapse Video with Meghan Currie

Published on January 8, 2015

The title of Meghan Currie’s new video, Daydream, is extremely apt, as I can only dream of attempting such a challenging yoga practice! This five minute time-lapse includes a graceful flow of amazing backbends, stunning arm balances, and crazy vinyasa transitions. The video is shot from just one camera angle, filmed at the Panathenaic Stadium in Athens, and is fantastically edited to move out of time-lapse into regular speed during several transitions. Even more impressive is that the gorgeous soundtrack is Currie’s own musical creation, produced in collaboration with music producer Nenad Radosevic.

Meghan Currie was born in Canada and started doing yoga when she was 19 while living in Costa Rica. Soon after, she discovered yoga as a path to healing her life-long struggle with anxiety, and she now travels the world teaching yoga. Her current teaching style is a fun and funky blend of Ashtanga, Yin, Vinyasa and Anusara.

Check out the yoga video below:

What do you daydream of practicing?

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