Watch Jared’s Remarkable Yoga Weight Loss Journey

Jared yoga weight loss video

When the yoga gets tough, it’s easy to want to give up–but for a man named Jared, giving up wasn’t an option. Jared transformed his body and life by losing 300 lbs in just 15 months with the power of a positive attitude and a dedicated yoga weight loss practice.

In addition to adopting a daily yoga practice, Jared went from indulging in entire boxes of donuts to quitting all sugar and replacing it with fresh produce. Following yoga videos was tough for him at first, but as he noticed increased stamina and flexibility, he was encouraged to keep pursuing his goals.

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Seeing the difference in Jared’s ability to practice yoga postures between when he started and today is an excellent reminder that yoga is for everybody. You don’t have to be flexible, strong or thin to begin a yoga practice, you only need to have the courage to start and to believe in yourself.

Let Jared’s powerful story motivate you to break through self-limiting beliefs, to persist even when your practice becomes difficult and challenging, and to have faith that you can do anything you set your mind to!

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Watch Jared’s yoga weight loss journey below:

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