Watch: Yoga Teachers Answer “What is Yoga?”

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If you ask a group of yogis to describe yoga, you’re likely to get a completely different answer from every single one. Some choose yoga because it is a spiritual practice, some practice for stress relief, and others like it for the great workout asana can provide. And none of these answers is wrong—there are many “right” ways to practice yoga.

This beautifully-filmed short video by respected Ashtangi Kino MacGregor explores the many meanings of yoga, as told by other yogis and teachers. The coming together of disintegrated aspects of the self, the understanding that there is no separation between people, and the practice of peeling away the layers of society—these are just a few descriptions given in the video.

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MacGregor never fails to deliver a highly-inspirational video, and this one is no exception. We bet it will make you want to get right on your yoga mat, and we encourage you to set a sankalpa to reflect on what yoga means to you.

Watch Kino MacGregor’s “Yoga Is” video below:

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