3 Ways Yoga can Benefit Your Life

Watch: 3 Ways Yoga can Benefit Your Life

Published on August 13, 2019

Anyone who has heard of yoga knows that practicing yoga is a great workout to build flexibility, strength, and focus. But what happens when you need more than just the basic physical benefits of yoga? In the midst of the heartbreak and trauma of losing a best friend, Dr. Chelsea Jackson Roberts desperately needed to feel whole again. She remembered the freedom that yoga brought her and choose to go back to her mat as a way to return to herself.

In the video 3 Ways Yoga can Benefit Your Life, Chelsea details her yoga story and discusses the three main ways she has found yoga to benefit her life and her students. Confidence, rest, and healing are all benefits attainable by anyone who chooses to practice yoga. “Yoga is truly for everybody,” she tells us. “If you can breathe you can practice yoga.”

Chelsea Jackson Roberts has a Ph.D. in educational studies, and she specializes in yoga for youth, teacher education, and issues surrounding yoga accessibility. In 2013 she founded the Yoga, Literature, and Art Camp for Teen Girls at Spelman College Museum of Fine Art in Atlanta, Georgia. This two-week camp allows young women between 13 and 17  to have a transformative experience of practicing yoga, reading and writing poetry, and engaging in art.

Practicing yoga helped Chelsea Jackson Roberts heal and find her freedom. She now is spreading the healing and freedom that yoga brought her to others near and far.

Watch 3 Ways Yoga can Benefit Your Life below:

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