Watch: An Inspiring Fusion of Yoga and Indian Classical Dance

Yoga Inspiration

Shastriya Devesh or Indian classical dance is a traditional expression of the spiritual ideas and virtues found in the ancient Indian scriptures. Dance student Anjali Patel has captured the fusion of her dance training with her yoga practice in a short 2-minute video. Her body is silhouetted by the rising sun as she gracefully flows through a series of yoga poses.

The video is titled “Yoga Inspiration” and is a beautiful demonstration of Patel’s flexibility, awareness of alignment, strength and fluidity. The sequence begins and ends in Tree pose and includes several interesting and challenging transitions.

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Patel is a student of Subrang Arts, a South Asian Arts organization based in South London. Established in 1989, the non-profit organization is dedicated to the promotion and development of Asian Art and Culture. ‘Subrang’ translates as ‘spectrum of color’ and this symbolizes their objective of creating a deeper appreciation and understanding of the rich cultural heritage of the Indian Sub Continent.

Watch the video below:


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