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Watch: On Yoga, the Architecture of Peace

Published on April 4, 2019

When was the last time you were truly quiet? Quietness and stillness create space for contemplation that is paramount to being human. Contemplation is part of us, just as conflict, turmoil, and famine have always been part of the world. In fact, people throughout history have consistently removed themselves from society in order to find peace and become more loving and understanding.

In this month’s inspirational yoga video, “On Yoga: The Architecture of Peace,” a beautifully-filmed five-minute clip from the documentary of the same name, an interview with photographer and yogi Michael O’Neill is interwoven with dramatic footage of a powerful ashtanga sequence.

O’Neill explains that there’s a drive in all human beings to worship, to observe, and to be quiet in some way that can be met by practicing meditation and yoga. He describes meditation as “taking a little time every day to address the parts of ourselves that we can’t see,” and as a way to take part in the world in a more careful and thoughtful way.

This gorgeous video is sure to inspire you to create or deepen your own meditation practice, achieve deep contemplation, and find your own quiet in a chaotic world. Watch below:

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