Watch: Learn to Harness Energy with Yoga Breathing in 60 Seconds

Yoga video on Harness Energy with pranayama

Get inspired to practice more mindful yoga breathing, or pranayama, by taking just 60 seconds to watch this short and sweet yoga video by Miami-based yoga teacher Jennifer Pansa. In the video, Pansa discusses how we can elevate and cultivate our own prana (life-force energy) rather than endlessly searching externally for things to make us feel alive.

The connection between you and your breath is powerful and can be honed and strengthened through consistent practice of yoga and yoga breathing. As Jennifer puts it, “When you feel the breath, your mind can be calm”. Her brief but powerful video reminds us that whenever the distractions of daily life divert us from our paths, we can use our breath to refocus and center ourselves.

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Ready to reconnect with your breath? Watch Yoga to Create: Harness Your Energy below!

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