Watch: Yoga Gives Football Player a Big Boost

Yoga Gives Football Player Boost

Athletes of all levels are always looking for new ways to gain an edge and boost their performance. Wisconsin Badgers running back Jonathan Taylor has found both yoga and meditation to help his performance on the football field. On a whim, he tagged along to a hot yoga studio and was surprised by the intensity of the practice. Taylor expected a slow-paced and stretching focused experience but found yoga to be very physically challenging. He went to the class feeling sore and left felt relieved and healed after—and has since kept coming back to the mat! 

Taylor has also been taking meditation classes for the last two years. Using mindful breathing has helped to bring his attention back to the now and quiet his mind. Having a relaxed yet alert state of mind gives him a competitive advantage on the field.

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Check out ESPN’s video feature on Taylor’s journey and experiences with yoga and meditation below. How has yoga or meditation helped you improve your athletic performance?

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