You are Loved, All is Well Yoga Video

Watch “You Are Loved,” a Powerful Journey of Self-Acceptance

Published on
February 1, 2018

Feeling insecure in your own skin is something we all can relate to at some point in our lives. In this inspiring video, yoga instructor Antonella Zabaglio shares her powerful and transformative journey of self-acceptance through multiple plastic surgeries.

Antonella turned to getting breast implants to help her feel confident and more attractive. Little did she know, this would only make her more self-conscious. As she continued to go deeper into her yoga practice, she discovered her implants were limiting her from doing specific yoga poses. After much reflection, she decided to have her implants removed.

Antonella’s compelling story will reveal that accepting who you are and the skin you live in is more than enough. Her journey also illustrates how the power of yoga can dissolve self-imposed limitations and allow one to cultivate deep levels of honesty and vulnerability. Antonella reminds us that we are all loved and supported and that all is well.

Watch the video below to see how Antonella’s venture with plastic surgery ends. It may help you accept and love your imperfections.

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One response to “Watch “You Are Loved,” a Powerful Journey of Self-Acceptance”

  1. Antonella Zabaglio Avatar
    Antonella Zabaglio

    Thank you so much for sharing the love!!

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