See-Through Yoga Pants? Check Yourself!

Published on October 22, 2013

I see London, I see France, I’ve always seen your underpants. Although Lululemon is currently taking the fall, let’s be honest – your black yoga pants have always been too sheer.  After teaching yoga to college students for several years, you know what I do when I buy black yoga pants? I try them on and bend over in the changing room mirror under those harsh florescent lights to see what I can see. That may be TMI, and yes, I do giggle to myself when doing this, but most black pants go back on the rack afterwards, even those that stood up to my initial in-the-aisle testing protocols.

I’m sincerely grateful to have the chance to get this all off my chest now, even if none of my former students ever see it. As a yoga teacher striving to be honest with my students, I always wanted to make an announcement on the first day of class, something like “check your rear in the mirror” or “not all pants are created equal.” Every time I averted my eyes from some poor girl’s heart covered panties, I regretted not saying it sooner. And then this: someone donning subpar pants, trying to avoid panty lines by wearing a g-string…

All traumatic teaching moments aside, it’s interesting that only one company out of all the companies that produce cheap (in quality if not in price) yoga pants is being held accountable. Not only have these Lulu pants been buzzing online since March, the tone of some of the conversations seems more suited to a crime against humanity than a poorly made pant. But, yoga is big businesses, and when corporations stumble, those that invested in them are often the ones that pay the price.

Two of the organizations suing Lululemon are Louisiana-based retirement and relief fund accounts belonging to police and firefighters that had shares in Lulu stock when the scandal broke and lost big. While losing is often part of the stock market, at least one filing alleges that the board acted in bad faith by awarding bonuses to executives after learning about the issue with their previously nontransparent garments.

While the outcome of this particular Lulu debacle is yet unknown, there are dozens, if not hundreds, of other companies out there churning out see through pants. Unless these companies suddenly become trendy enough to have their own ongoing dramedies played out in the blogsphere, you are at risk of overexposure. So try on your yoga pants, let a little ardha uttanasana and the dressing room light be your guide. It’s an illuminating experience, I promise.

Have you noticed that you are less than comfortably covered in your yoga pants?

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5 responses to “See-Through Yoga Pants? Check Yourself!”

  1. Rick Berman Avatar
    Rick Berman

    Cheapening Yoga is a typically self-serving Western approach.

    1. Timothy Burgin Avatar
      Timothy Burgin

      I don’t understand how your comment relates to this article.

  2. Urian Ross Avatar
    Urian Ross

    Luminousbeing makes double lining yoga pants so you can see through the whites, cost more but worth it.
    I am a big fan of their products, made well, all in LA and organic.

  3. Christianne Jones Avatar
    Christianne Jones

    So sad to see such a judgemental post. So what if you can see pants? They are just underwear! Please don’t judge your students or make comments at the beginning of your class.

  4. Jean-Baptiste Avatar

    I love this info, super helpful when buying yoga pants!

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