Spiritual Leaders for Obama

General Colin Powell, former Bush Administration cabinet member announced his support for Presidential Candidate, Barak Obama on Sunday October 19th. This announcement is thought to have a noticeable impact on the presidential campaign for those who are “on the fence.” But for those whose political connection is interwoven with their spiritual path, there is another group of supporters that is worth noting. Spiritual Leaders Vote for Obama is a group of today’s leading yogis and meditators who are backing the Democratic presidential nominee.

Decisions of any kind are never easy, and when faced with an atmosphere of anxiety and discord, they become that much more difficult. There are as many approaches to decision making as there are things to decide. Some do all of the research, checking facts, historical precedents, etc. Some crunch the numbers, looking at statistics and economics, budgets and ratings. Others decide from their emotions, looking toward their life experiences to guide them in the right direction. And, a handful of us go to our cushion in search of resolution. In life, in relationships and even in politics, we seek answers from the depths of stillness within. In these cases, we don’t formulate answers and opinions; we listen deeply and receive guidance from a place that is beyond opinion or judgment.

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So when faced with what seems like the momentous decision of choosing the next leader of our country, our path is pretty much the same. We sit. We listen. We follow our inner guidance. And, we feel deeply supported to see that those who follow the same path reach similar conclusions. It is not necessary to know that those whom we consider to be our spiritual teachers and guides will be casting their votes in the same way that we are guided, but it is nice to know that the universal truth speaks with the same voice.

This is not to say that those of us who gravitate to our cushion for answers ignore the facts. We may still crunch the numbers and check the facts, and without a doubt we base our decisions on our life experiences. The answers that we seek in meditation aren’t always comfortable or easy, but we know that they are irrefutably true, and that in working with the truth, we find hope. Even if the work we are guided toward is messy and difficult, within it there is hope for something better.

When we cast our votes this November, whether we are the procurers of fact or the cruncher of numbers, may our votes ultimately arise out of the stillness within. May we all make our decisions from a place of peace and calm, and not in reaction or anger. The great revolutionaries of our time worked to create change even in the midst of criticism and doubt because they knew from a place deep inside that they were on the right path. May you honor your inner voice just as you honor the vision of others and cast your vote as a reflection of this voice.

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