Top 10 Yoga Stories of 2012

a memorable year in yoga! We’ve seen stories ranging from controversial to inspirational and everything in between. We look back and highlight some of the
year’s most noteworthy topics.

1.) The Anusara scandal…the story of Anusara founder John Friend’s fall from grace shook up the yoga community and dominated yoga news headlines for months.

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Anusara Sex Scandal Confirmed
Integrity Interrupted, More on the Anusara Controversy
Anusara: Out of Alignment
Anusara: A Breath of Fresh Air

2.) Oh William Broad…the New York Times journalist made quite a few waves this year with his claims linking yoga’s origins to sex cults as well as his claims that yoga can “wreck your body.” We found his sensationalist pieces in the Times to be misguided, and our own Tosca Braun took him to task.   
Can Yoga Wreck Your Body?
Yoga’s Origins: Broadsided
Yoga’s Relationship to (Sexual) Desire: Broadsided
3.) Bikram Loses Copyright
Bikram Choudhury took his former students to court to protect his trademarked yoga sequence. He claims that his intellectual property and clientele were stolen. The lawsuit was finally settled earlier this month.
Yoga Dork reports on the final settlement here.
4.) Cyber Bullying: An Inspiring Tale
Enough controversy. Here we highlight one of our favorite inspirational stories of the year, one that shows glimmers of both the cruelty and beauty of humanity.

Hanuman Festival

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5.) Has Yoga “Lost Its Soul?”
As yoga has changed drastically since coming to the west, some have begun to question recently whether it has deviated too far from its origins.

6.) Yoga Community Responds To Hurricane Sandy
In the wake of one of the most catastrophic storms to hit the northeast in history, we watched the devastation unfold and then saw the community come together to support each other and help rebuild.
7.) Veterans Turn to Yoga to Ease Post-Traumatic Stress
As yoga’s popularity spreads, we’re beginning to see it in unlikely communities, which are often the ones who need it most.

8.) It’s Getting Hot In Here
The hot yoga fad in the U.S. is booming, but legitimate questions remain about its safety and usefulness.

9.) Yoga’s increasing popularity is, naturally, prompting many to become more aware of their health and food choices. One question many yogis struggle with is whether “To Be Or Not To Be Vegetarian.”
Part 1 and Part 2

10.) Yoga In Schools Raises Religious Questions
As headlines of concern about yoga in school increasingly pop up, we thought it was important to explore whether there is validity in these concerns.

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